Self-Care, Meet Planet-Care

Self-Care, Meet Planet-Care

Can caring for the planet be an act of self care? We say yes. 

We’re major believers in the power of self-care (and no, we’re not just talking bubble baths and vacation). Self-care is taking time to nurture your mind, body and soul – with the goal of building more authenticity, joy, and presence. It can look like anything from a walk around your neighborhood, to meditation or journaling, to using products that make you feel good inside and out. 

As we get closer to Valentine’s Day, a day all about love, we wanted to find out: Can planet-care be self-care? Is it just another thing on our to-do lists, or can it be regenerative for us, too?

We asked our community of planet loving humans. Here are some small acts that accomplish both:

1. The anything-but-the-landfill routine

“The little moments throughout my week where I’m actively avoiding my trash can - putting food scraps into my Lomi, dropping some plastic packaging into my Terracycle envelope or my Ridwell bin, putting the compost out on Mondays for city pick up - these moments have become almost meditative for me. I get so much satisfaction out of it, it really is like self-care.” - Katie

2. Tending to plants

Gardening, caring for houseplants… not only do these activities bring us a sense of pride. They create a connection to nature that reminds us we’re an ecosystem that depends on one another.

3. A better-for-the-planet skin regime 

“My daily skin care routine is my moment for self-care and taking care of Mother Earth. Knowing the products I’m using are better for the planet? That’s the icing on a really luscious cake.” - Molly

4. Food that nourishes

Trying a new recipe or making a smoothie loaded with beneficial ingredients? Instant self-care. But knowing that those ingredients meet the Hive Five and thus are nourishing our planet as well? That’s what we call a win win.

5. Treat yourself for good 

It’s no secret we’re huge fans of snacking at Hive. We believe that treating yourself is self care to be celebrated, not restricted. And since all of our snacks are vetted for the Hive Five, you can snack knowing that you’re caring for the planet, too.

6. Meditation for all

“One thing I can come back to again and again is meditation. It instantly uplifts my mood and connects me with something bigger. By practicing loving kindness, I can dedicate my meditation not just to myself but to those around me and to the planet as a whole. This is one of my favorite ways to make this personal practice outward, not just inward.” - Davis

Now it’s your turn.

Tell us: what act of planet care is self care for you? 

We’re wishing the whole Hive community a lot of self love in 2023.

– Team Hive

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