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TCHO is on a mission to create the most delicious chocolate, in the most safe and ethical way. Over the years, TCHO has won over 30 awards, ranging from best organic bar to best dark chocolate with inclusions. That's all thanks to TCHO working closely with their farmer partners to lead with curiosity and even innovate through technology—which is no mystery to founders Timothy Childs, NASA tech-wizard, and Karl Bittong, 40-year chocolate vet. One of the main reasons TCHO is where it is today is because of Brad Kintzer, the Chief Chocolate Maker, expert taster, and industry leader in cacao sensory analysis. He's led TCHO's chocolate-making for over a decade and has helped pioneer new systems that allow TCHO to put quality first—for the benefit of the chocolate, the cacao farmers, and the planet we call home.

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