All-Purpose Hypochlorous Acid Cleaner

Clean Republic All-Purpose Hypochlorous Acid Cleaner

All-Purpose Hypochlorous Acid Cleaner

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Non-toxic cleaning products definitely make us all happy—especially the ones with special ingredients made to replicate your own body's bacteria fighting white blood cells.

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  • Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Certified

This cleaner was specifically developed for daily use around your home. It effectively removes dirt, grease, and other icky stuff without leaving a scent behind. The special HOCL compound works to fight germs while staying safe for your kids, pets, or self. It's approved to deodorize laundry, clean toys, and wipe down all furniture. 

Products are made with a naturally-occuring, non-toxic, pH-neutral disinfectant. HOCl is the same compound in your white blood cells that fights infection.

The spray top is recyclable through TerraCycle by following our special instructions, and bottles can go right in your curbside recycling bin.
These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

Hive Five™ Certified

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How it does good

A solution made with salt, electricity, and water

The big question on a lot of minds right now is how to get a truly safe cleaner that still fights germs and guarantees effectiveness? Clean Republic developed their hypochlorous acid (HOCL) solution to do exactly that. HOCL is found in white blood cells (aka the ones in your immune system). The people in the Clean Republic labs recreate this substance using salt, electricity, and water. That means their main ingredient is something found in your body that’s super good at fighting off things outside of it.

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About the Brand

Clean Republic

Clean Republic was created because too many companies don’t tell the truth about what goes into their products or business practices. Their products work well without compromising on safety, and they believe that they are defined by their values. They are working towards building a healthier, safer, and cleaner world by using simple ingredients in their powerful cleaners.

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How to use

Give your home a special day of its own by using the same kind all-purpose cleaner approved to use in spas to help it sparkle. It's basically the same as taking your home to a spa.

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