Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Beet Baby Food - Box of 6

16 reviews
Serenity Kids Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Beet Baby Food - Box of 6
16 reviews

Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot, and Beet Baby Food - Box of 6

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Get them hooked on veggies with this bright blend of colorful roots. Your little one will be thrilled when you pull out this pouch, patterned with vibrant carrots and potatoes, and whimsical pink beets.

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  • Gluten Free
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Vegan

Serenity Kids’ ingredients lists are inspired by the natural properties of breast milk, repped here by high-quality, organic root vegetables and olive oil for smoothness and fatty acids. Baby will have the energy they need to grow, learn, and be their colorful little self, and you’ll know you’ve done right by giving them an option without sugary fruits.

Serenity Kids promotes regenerative farming practices to make better food and keep small farms in business.

The cardboard case is curbside recyclable. Recycle the pouches through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.
These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

Hive Five™ Certified

No need to guess what's in your food or how it was made. Our experts vet every product for ingredient integrity, responsible sourcing, and great taste using our own criteria called the Hive Five.

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ingredient integrity


low carbon footprint


recyclable packaging


committed to social good


rave worthy

How it does good

Healthy animals, healthy planet, happy humans

All baby food is not created equal. A lot of what’s sold to our littlest eaters is packed with sugar, gluten, and dairy, and packaged in glass jars with a huge carbon footprint. Hoping to create a better world and better options for their baby, Serenity and Joe Carr founded Serenity Kids. They have an eye on eliminating harmful ingredients and potential allergens as well as the hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs often used in animal feed. All of their meat and vegetables are traceable to small American farms limiting their environmental impact through grazing rotation, water conservation, and biodiversity. What’s more, Serenity Kids partners with a pouch manufacturer that’s fully solar-powered and donates its excess electricity back to the grid.

  • BPA Free
  • Certified Non-GMO