Sugar & Spice Cashews

5 reviews
Sunshine Nut Co. Sugar & Spice Cashews
5 reviews

Sugar & Spice Cashews

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This combination of sugar and spice is something quite nice. These cinnamon-sprinkled cashews are the perfect pick for a sweet, but not too sweet, treat.

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  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

Whoever was the first person to say that nuts should be sweetened and spiced deserves an award. And maybe they already got one. We don't know. But either way, we're glad the practice of coating nuts in a little sugar and cinnamon has stood the test of time. You can usually find us eating these by the handful, but spiced nuts like these are great served slightly warm in the colder weather.

Sunshine Nut Co is revolutionizing the cashew industry, thanks to a smarter, centralized supply chain.

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Cinnamon and sugar might just be the sweetest combination known to man. But want to hear something sweeter? Sunshine Nut Co is revolutionizing the nut industry. They're the only African cashew brand to centralize their supply chain—growing, shelling, and packaging locally to minimize their carbon footprint while boosting Mozambique's economy. They've also created the Sunshine Approach Foundation, which works with the government to create jobs, fund shelters, and provide education and childcare.

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