Arrabiata Sauce

3 reviews
First Field Arrabiata Sauce
3 reviews

Arrabiata Sauce

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Crushed red pepper and chilis give traditional marinara a punchy spice. And we're about it. First Field knows exactly how to make this Italian favorite: with vine ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs.

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  • Vegan

If you're new to arrabiata, allow us to explain its magic for a moment. It's made with traditional tomato gravy (fresh tomatoes, garlic, and herbs) and given a spicy twist (crushed red pepper and chilis). First Field is the gold-standard in arrabiata sauce. Perhaps it's because they're based in New Jersey, where Italian culture is rich and goes back generations. Or maybe it's because they grow their own tomatoes and pick them when they're good and ripe. Either way, we're here for this spicy sauce that makes a show-stopping pasta.

First Field is dedicated to sustainable farming and sourcing practices. Their products are grown and harvested in the U.S., which helps them lower their carbon footprint.
Crushed Tomatoes, Strained Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Chile Peppers*, Black Pepper*, Oregano*, Citric Acid *Organic View Nutrition Facts

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How it does good

Tomatoes with 100% traceability

First Field takes great care to grow delicious tomatoes while still being kind to our planet. They have their own farm in Kingston, New Jersey and source their spices and sugar from other organic, non-GMO farms. Part of their company mission is to grow and source crops in a way that maintains soil health and mitigates environmental harm. All of their practices are traceable and they believe in 100% transparency, so anyone who enjoys their tomatoes can find out where they came from and how they were grown.

  • Jersey Fresh Certified