Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub


Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub


Scrub away dirt and grime with this "clean cleaner" (peppermint or unscented). It's toxin- and chemical-free because you don't need to be ingesting any ickiness.

Sustainable goodness

From their sourcing to packaging to disposal, Meliora never cuts corners when it comes to our environment.

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Why we love it

Some dirt needs a little extra umph to clean up. Take care of greasy, stuck-on messes with this scrub from Meliora. We're into it because a.) it works like a charm and b.) it's free from icky chemicals. Sometimes non-toxic cleaners just don't work as well, but Meliora? It's the gold standard in "clean" cleaners. We'll have this scrub under the sink for life. It's our go-to for tiles, tubs, and stovetops.

How it does good

Transparent ingredients that are easy on our environment

Conventional cleaning products are usually laden with chemicals that are not only unsafe for our bodies, they’re toxic for our environment, too. Meliora takes great care to put our safety and our planet’s safety first. They start by sourcing as many ingredients as they can domestically. Those ingredients have gone through rigorous tests to ensure they don’t build up in our bodies or in our environment. Meliora also uses bottles with plastic-free lining, and they ship everything in 100% recyclable cardboard and paper (no plastic or styrofoam will be found in their boxes).

  • recyclable packaging

    Meliora's packaging is 100% recyclable in your curbside bin—from the bottles to the shipping box.
  • responsible sourcing

    All of the ingredients in Meliora's cleaning products are safe and non-toxic for both people and the planet. They source domestically whenever possible.
  • supporting key causes

    Meliora works with both 1% for the Planet and Women's Voices for the Earth to help protect and preserve our planet.
  • One Percent Certification
  • Certified B Corp
  • Leaping Bunny Certification
  • Made Safe Certified

How to use it

Wet surface. Sprinkle gentle home cleaning scrub onto wetted surface.* Rub with damp cotton rags, sponge, or swedish dish cloth. Rinse surface and wipe dry *always test a new surface in an inconspicuous area to ensure baking soda won't scratch or harm finish.

When you're done...

Packaging is recyclable in your curbside bin.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand



Kate first asked the question of “what’s in our cleaning products” when she was at school studying Environmental Engineering. After her success at school, Meliora was born and she started using business as a tool to change for the better. Better ingredients, disclosing 100% of them, and only using sustainable production methods is what makes the company stand out.
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