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Growing up in Brazil, Claudia Bouvier was always surrounded by incredible artisanal foods—and her large Italian family, who often shared meals of fresh pasta. Fast forward to a life in Boulder, CO, with partner Ted Steen. He started exploring sustainable food systems and the impact of unprocessed ingredients on environmental and personal health concerns and she was bit by the entrepreneurship bug. Together, Ted and Claudia began to investigate the benefits of heirloom and ancient varieties of wheat and Pastificio was born.

Along the way, they’ve partnered with like-minded farmers committed to growing organic, heirloom grains. They’ve milled their own fresh flour, and experimented with numerous small-scale pasta production and drying techniques and won Good Food Awards for all of their pastas. Most importantly, they’ve discovered that making nutrient-dense artisanal pasta—much like slow-fermented bread or natural wine—is a process that can’t be automated. From the protein content of each season’s wheat, to the ever-changing humidity of their production kitchen, each box of Pastificio Boulder dried pastas is attentively crafted by human hands to nourish your friends and family.

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