Jalapeño Hawaiian Hot Sauce (Mild)

Jalapeño Hawaiian Hot Sauce (Mild)


Jalapeño Hawaiian Hot Sauce (Mild)


If you're looking for a mildly spicy enhancer for your favorite foods, this is it. Adoboloco touts their Jalapeño sauce as "umami," and we have to agree. Kapow + Yum = Adoboloco.

Sustainable goodness

Adoboloco grows everything right in their very own gardens in Maui and partners with small, neighbor farms.

  • Vegan

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Why we love it

We are adobo-"loco" for this sauce (sorry, we had to) because it's so versatile. It can complement a wide range of cuisines. Seriously, it'll give almost any dish a little extra oomph by adding this burst of flavor. That's because it's the "just right" kind of mild heat that adds flavor without the burn out. Whether you saute, marinate, or bake it into a savory bread, we think you might come dangerously close to finishing the bottle in one sitting.


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How it does good

Educating young ones about sustainability

In order to understand how best to protect our planet, it's important to start by teaching others. Not only does Adoboloco educate students about gardening and sustainability, but the company was also born from a homeschooling garden project in Maui. The family-run business continues to teach local children about farming and proper sourcing for fresh ingredients. To ensure sustainable practices for the future, the company invests time and energy in giving young ones the tools they need to carry on and hopefully evolve good farming practices well into the future.

  • responsible sourcing

    All Adoboloco ingredients are grown in local gardens in Maui. The company partners with a few like-minded neighborhood farms as well.
  • supporting key causes

    Adoboloco donates on a local level to non-political, non-religious community efforts throughout the year. These donations go directly to those on the ground level helping build a stronger community.

How to use it

Scramble this jalapeño goodness into your 'everything but the kitchen sink" breakfast scrambles.

When you're done...

The glass bottle is curbside recyclable. The plastic lid and the freshness seal are both recyclable through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand



Adoboloco has embodied the old style Hawaiian “chili pepper water” and revolutionized it into a modern day fusion hot sauce only using 4-5 ingredients. The company started as a single hot sauce born from a homeschool garden in Maui, and today still operates as a small family business. They make everything in small batches, and have expanded to kitchens in Oregon and Oahu as well.
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