Organic Dulse Flakes

Organic Dulse Flakes

Ocean's Balance

Organic Dulse Flakes

Ocean's Balance

Loaded with smoky umami flavor, dulse flakes almost taste like bacon. Obviously perfect for sprinkling on salads and maybe your morning eggs.

Sustainable goodness

Ocean's Balance only uses seaweed that is 100% sustainably grown and harvested in Maine. They're also working to boost the local economy and protect algae ecosystems.

  • Gluten Free
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Vegan

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Why we love it

Seaweed that tastes like bacon? It's a win for the vegans, but literally all of us. The cherry on top of any bowl of rice and your usual programming of soup, these dulse flakes bring their own to the table. They're so good you'll want to carry around a bottle with you at all times.


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How it does good

Saving water with the superfood of the sea

The world's food model still has a long way to go before nearing close to perfection, and Ocean's Balance stands behind seaweed as the superfood to help fix it. Not only is it a zero-input crop that needs no water, arable land or fertilizers to grow, seaweed is also one of the most nutritionally dense plants on the planet. Ocean's Balance set themeslves apart by sustainably growing and harvesting this sea veggie from the pristine waters of the Gulf of Maine, which yields a smaller carbon footprint and products you can trust.

  • responsible sourcing

    Ocean’s Balance makes all of their products with seaweed sustainably grown in the Gulf of Maine and harvested by their farmers or partner farmers using sustainable foraging techniques. Their farm sites are approved by the Maine Department of Marine Resources, ensuring environmental integrity across the board. Farming seaweed also helps the local economy, as it's an alternative means of income for coastal fishermen, and processing provides employment opportunities for immigrant communities.
  • low carbon footprint

    Ocean’s Balance has developed zero-input techniques that don't require arable land, fertilizers, and fresh water—a huge plus as droughts and fresh water shortages become more common.
  • supporting key causes

    Ocean’s Balance supports Maine’s working waterfront, helping coastal communities thrive by helping fishermen start their own seaweed farms, thereby diversifying their streams of income. Their internship program is committed to assisting the future workforce in Maine, letting students of marine science, marine affairs, and environmental studies gain firsthand knowledge of growing an emerging brand, and opening doors to employment possibilities in the aquaculture sector.

How to use it

Sprinkle on baked potatoes along with your usual toppings.

When you're done...

Good news! The metal canister is 100% curbside recyclable.

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About the Brand

Ocean's Balance

Ocean's Balance

Ocean's Balance has a serious love for Maine, and an equally big heart for the ocean. Committed to making seaweed #PartOfTheSolution to fix the world's broken food model, they only source the sea vegetable from farms using sustainable growing and harvesting practices. CEO Mitchell Lench co-founded the company because he recognized that seaweed was a long-term super food for people and the planet, and sticking with locally grown kelp in the cold waters of Maine was the way to do it.
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