Peaceful Fruits Organic Strawberry Açaí, Original Açaí, Apple Açaí, Passionfruit Fruit Strips - Set of 12
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Organic Strawberry Açaí, Original Açaí, Apple Açaí, Passionfruit Fruit Strips - Set of 12

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12 count / $1.35 each count

These portable fruit snacks are chewy and sweet. Plus, they pack a full serving of sustainably-sourced fruit. Take a bite of passionfruit or try a tart açaí (by itself or blended with strawberry or apple).

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  • Gluten Free
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Vegan

Tear into these chewy treats and you'll find fresh, wild-grown fruit flavors ranging from tart to sweet, and sometimes a little bit of both. Pack these in your bag for a hike, or carry them on your commute. They're so yummy, you may not want to share. But we definitely encourage you to.

Peaceful Snacks helps indigenous communities harvest sustainably while protecting the rainforest ecosystem.
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How it does good

Supporting communities in the Amazon and at home in the USA

Rainforest clearcutting (aka chopping down trees to grow non-local crops like palm and soy) has done damage in the Amazon. But Peaceful Snacks wants to offer another option. They purchase fruit that grows naturally in the wild of the Amazon so that local farmers profit by keeping the forests intact. Back at home in the U.S., they've partnered with the Blick Center to employ adults with disabilities in full wage jobs.

  • Certified B Corp
  • Certified Non-GMO