Emmer Farro Berries

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Hayden Flour Mills Emmer Farro Berries
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Emmer Farro Berries

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Emmer wheat is a nutty, flavorful, and high-protein ancient grain that comes from Italy. It's a type of farro, and it's perfectly at home in hot or cold dishes.

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  • Vegan

As one of the first ever domesticated grains, Emmer wheat has found its way into plenty of dishes. The farro berries it produces are an ideal addition to a salad and work just as well as a side for your main course. These are firm, slightly chewy, and taste just nutty enough to add to your meal, not overpower it. We find that soaking our farro beforehand cuts down on the cooking time, but you can make it straight from the box, too.

Hayden Flour Mills relies on ancient, drought-resistant grains. These grains require very little water, and the farmers use a solar paneled stone mill. The process produces a very small carbon footprint.

The box is curbside recyclable. The plastic bag is recyclable through TerraCycle by following our special instructions.
These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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How it does good

A smaller footprint from seed to table

Farming grains can consume a lot of resources. So when the founders of Hayden Flour Mills started their mill, they were determined to make it more sustainable and better for everyone. By choosing ancient, drought-resistant grains, Hayden Flour Mills is able to reduce the amount of water they use while farming. Since environmentally conscious practices are built right into the company's mission, they've also created the only solar paneled stone mill in the U.S. And they're going even further by cleaning their grains on the same campus as their mill, making their carbon footprint even smaller.