Royal Cinnamon

Royal Cinnamon

Burlap & Barrel

Royal Cinnamon

Burlap & Barrel

Sweeter and spicier than the typical supermarket cinnamon, this Vietnamese heirloom variety will up your baking game. It's also a treat on yogurt or in smoothies.

Sustainable goodness

Burlap & Barrel partners directly with small farms to source single-origin, biodynamically-grown spices.

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

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Why we love it

You probably haven't had this cinnamon before. Grown in the Vietnamese mountains, it's not widely exported or stocked in traditional supermarkets. But oh, it's a sensory delight. Sweeter, spicier, and generally more potent than most cinnamons, you barely need a pinch to enjoy the flavor. Sprinkle it on your baked goods (hello, cakes and pies) or use it as a topping for yogurt, ice cream, and more.

How it does good

Making a positive social impact and a low environmental impact

Burlap & Barrel sources their spices directly from farmer cooperatives and small farms. They visit each of these farms, spending time with the employees to learn about the economic, social, and environmental implications of their methods. Every decision they make is fueled by their goal to end inequality and exploitation in the food industry. They do this by connecting small farms to high-value markets, educating consumers about the impact of product traceability, and sourcing unique foods that are grown using biodynamic and organic techniques.

  • responsible sourcing

    Burlap & Barrel uses fair trade practices when working with small, international farms.
  • low carbon footprint

    Ingredients are sourced directly, shortening the supply chain and reducing the distance the product has to travel.

How to use it

This sweet, potent cinnamon makes a great addition to yogurt, smoothies, sweet potatoes, baked goods—really just your spice rack in general.

When you're done...

Good news! This packaging is 100% curbside recyclable.

These are general guidelines for broadly-recyclable materials. Check with your local recycler to confirm what they take.

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About the Brand

Burlap & Barrel

Burlap & Barrel

This direct trade spice company is a public benefit corporation that works directly with smallholder farmers producing spices biodynamically and organically using traditional techniques. The incredible quality of their spices has been lauded in the New York Times, Food & Wine, and CBS News, among others.
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