Top Snacks Chosen by Nift Gift Customers

We believe change starts small, like with a bar of fair-trade chocolate or solar-popped popcorn. Explore fair-trade chocolate made with 100% traceable beans, grass-fed regenerative jerky, cheese puffs made with heirloom corn and more.

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Nift Gifters Love Clean Personal Care

These get-the-job-done products are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free — for a squeaky clean that's safe for people and the planet.

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Nift Gifters Love Upping Their Sustainability With These Essentials

Make the switch from single-use items to reusables, with ease. At Hive, you’ll find only the latest and greatest goods you can re-love over and over again: from buy-it-for-life plastic-free water bottles to organic cotton coffee filters to stainless steel lunchboxes, these alternatives to one-and-done items last exceptionally long and are made with non-toxic, responsibly-sourced materials.